Running Bath by Simon Perry

For Spatial Dialogues, Simon will produce a number of individual and collaborative art works that focus upon activating the public realm. These works will take the form of a number of site responsive sculptural installations, which incorporate objects, spatial structures, sound and screen based media architecture, documents and performance. The Running Bath will be one such project.

This Running Bath video serves as an introduction to ideas I have relating to embodied experience and the environment. It is part of a larger work planned for a site-specific installation. Disembodied hands turn on the bath taps and the bath fills with water. This takes about 15 minutes and coincides with a rising level of expectation that someone is preparing to get in. When the bath is full the taps are turned off. The bath then empties, and this sequence is endlessly repeated.

I am interested in how an artwork can simultaneously enact and suggest a thought process in the mind of an audience. To what degree this process coincides with embodied experience is dependent on what experiences the viewer brings to the encounter, and how the space of encounter is activated. Although the video seems to suggest fullness it is also somehow empty. The body is never allowed to actually step into the bath, but is instead kept at a conceptual distance.

- Simon Perry

Simon is also undertaking the Keitai Mizu project, with Larissa Hjorth. You can find out more about Simon here.

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