Boat People Association

The Boat People Association provides new way of experiencing the urban waterscape.

The Boat People Association consists of seven board members, including Genichi Ide and Tadashi Iwamoto, each of which work in different fields such as art, architecture and urban planning. They provide their knowledge, technology, and physical effort, working together with many other professional project members in order to undertake projects concerning the waterscapes of the city.

The Boat People Association know that the harbour and waterfront of a metropolis such as Tokyo has been created as a modernist project that ensures the efficiency of logistics and investment. But the needs of such areas have changed dramatically in recent times and that change has been a difficult one.

BPA thinks it necessary not only to provide new facilities to face the change but also new ideas and new usages for these area. Above all, the BPA feels it most important to provide the chance for many people to experience the waterscape, and acquire consciousness of these areas, which we believe to have vast potential.

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