Publications and Presentations



Hjorth, L., Pink, S, Sharp, K, Williams, L. (2014).  Screen Ecologies in the Asia Pacific Region. MIT Press.

Journal Articles

Hjorth, L. & Sharp, K (2014) ‘The Art of Ethnography’, Visual Studies Journal.

 Jungnickel, K. & Hjorth, L. (2014) ‘Playing with Methodological entanglements: Messiness, machines, research probes and intangibilities’,  Visual Studies Journal.

Williams, L (2013) ‘Affective Poetics & Public Access: The Critical Challenges of Environmental Art’, Australasian Journal of Ecocriticism and Cultural Ecology Vol. 3.

Book Chapters

Choy, L W & Hjorth, L. (2014)  ‘PlayStations: On Being Curated and other Geo-Ethnographies’, in Larissa Hjorth, Natalie King and Mami Kataoka (2014) Art as Intimate Publics: Practice and Engagement in the Asia-Pacific region. New York: Routledge.

Hjorth, L., King, N, Kataoka,M (2014) ‘Intimate Publics: The Place of Art and Media Cultures in the Asia-Pacific region’, in Hjorth, King & Kataoka (2014) Art as Intimate Publics: Practice and Engagement in the Asia-Pacific region. New York, Routledge.

Hjorth, L., Sharp, K. & Williams, L. (2014) “ Screen Ecologies: A discussion of art, screen cultures and the environment in the region’  in Hjorth, King & Kataoka (2014) Art as Intimate Publics: Practice and Engagement in the Asia-Pacific region. New York, Routledge.

Williams, L (2014) “ Reconfiguring Place: Art And the Global Imaginary” in The SAGE Handbook of Globalization. Ed. M. Steger, P. Battersby, J. Siracusa, London, Sage Publications.

Conference Presentations

Larissa Hjorth:

July 2013

The Place of the Mobile: Reflections upon locative-based media games in everyday life, InterAsia Cultural Studies conference, NUS, Singapore.

June 2013

Invited Keynote The Place of the Mobile: Mobile media’s stories of emplaced methods and other cartographies, Inventive Enactments of the Social: Transdisciplinary methods of transmission and entanglement, Organised by INCITE, Goldsmiths, London.

June 2013

Invited KeynoteEmplaced cartographies: camera phone ethnographies and locative media games’, International Conference on New Directions in the Development of Creative and Media Industries, Organized by School of Journalism and Communication, The Chinese University of Hong Kong,

December 2012

The Limits of the game: Keitai mizu as case study, Digital Interventions Symposium 2013, Edith Cowan University, Perth.

Kristen Sharp

July 2012

Synthesis and fractures: mapping new methods of collaboration in the Asia-Pacific region, <together apart>, 12-14 July 2012, AAANZ Art Association Australia New Zealand conference.

August 2011

Displaced connections: methods of collaboration and  cross-cultural engagement on public screens. The World and                               World-Making in Art: Connectivities and Differences, The Australian National University, Canberra.

Linda Williams

May 2013

Invited Keynote Lecture What are the main Critical Challenges of Environmental Art? EcoArts Australis Conference, University of Wollongong, Wollongong.

September 2012

Invited Plenary Lecture Environmental Art & Climate Change Regarding the Earth: Ecological Vision in Word and Image Monash University, Melbourne.

June 2012

Invited Keynote Lecture Reconsidering modernity: the role of magic, desire, and cargo cults in contemporary ideas of nature. Imaging Nature II The University of Tasmania, Hobart.

November 2011

Invited Keynote Lecture New Voices in the Agora: the role of the arts and the humanities in evaluating the connections between cities and global ecologies Transforming Auckland: Innovations for Sustainable Cities The University of Auckland, Auckland.