Water and Reflections, Shanghai


Shanghai December 2013, Zhujiajiao/ Shanghai January 2014, Pudong.

A Spatial Dialogues Project in Partnership with Himalaya Art Museum喜玛拉雅美术馆 and Shanghai University, Fine Arts Academy.

Australian Artists: Dominic Redfern, Philip Samartzis and Simon Perry

Partner Artists: 胡介鸣 Hu Jieming (Shanghai), 王征 Wang Zheng (Beijing) and Ding Yi (Shanghai Institute of Visual Art)

Australian Curator: Linda Williams

Partner Curators: 凌敏 Ling Min (Associate Professor of Fine Arts Academy of Shanghai University) and Wong Shun Kit (Director of Himalaya Art Museum).

This innovative exhibition at Himalaya gallery featured artworks and collaborations between artists from Melbourne, Shanghai and Tokyo on the theme of the environmental and cultural significance of water in the cities of the Asia Pacific Region. These cities developed around major rivers that have been a source of local history, trade, and culture which the artworks in the exhibition explored through video, sound, installation, photography, and public art.


Water and Reflections took place at the Himalaya Gallery and various sites in the ancient ‘water town” at Zhujiajiiao, where the Australian artists welcomed the opportunity for artistic dialogues on water with Chinese artists such as Wang Zheng and Hu Jieming, along with Ding Yi and several young artists from the from the Shanghai Institute of Visual art.

One of the themes of the Spatial Dialogues project is how the cities of our region are affected by global climate change, along with periods of drought or flood. The project also reveals the essential qualities of water in everyday urban life and its cultural importance to the life of cities in our region. Through this collaboration between artists and curators from Australia and China, the Spatial Dialogues team hopes to extend our shared understanding of water as a precious resource.

The Water and Reflections Project gained considerable public interest in Shanghai, and was extended to the new Himalayas Art Museum in Pudong, Shanghai in January 2014.