Associate Professor Dominic Redfern


Dominic Redfern is a video artist and academic. He creates video works at the intersection of site, screen and identity, which give critical expression to the complexity of screen-mediated experience. These interests are expressed with a self-conscious approach to the technology and culture of video, making it both subject and medium for his work.

In recent years his work with identity has increasingly focused on narratives of place and subsequently upon the discourse of natural history. In the process of depicting environments, the status, currency, and possibility of beauty in art as well as the idea of the ‘natural’ as a cultural construction have become foci for his work.

For Spatial Dialogues Dominic will be generating video imagery from a range of locations in Europe, Australia and Asia. His choice of sites and subjects will focus attention on water in a variety of ways from its role in trade to its domestic and ecological dimensions. Dominic works with high definition video, complex camera choreography and extreme close up to create a suffusion of lush detail that challenges naturalistic readings of his images. These strategies are designed to ‘reparticularise’ sites and intrigue audiences into ‘seeing again’. In addition to his own specific contribution he will work as the video consultant and collaborator across the various outcomes that the project is generating.

In 2013 Dom will be travelling to Tokyo to take part in the Shibuya Underground Stream project fro Spatial Dialogues. During his time at the container, Dominic Redfern will be tracing the path of the Shibuya river, walking its course, recording as he goes to create a document of its eccentric path through under and around Tokyo. This river portrait will a create partner piece to his work on the transforming rivers of Shanghai created during the Spatial Dialogues project. As he travels he will be collecting urban alluvium to fuel his micro-video performance with Philip Samartzis on the evening of the 7th of June.

Dom will also be working in Orkney in 2013 making in the littoral zone and furthering his work on imaging middens and accumulations. He has also been commissioned by Linden Arts to make work for the large public screen at St.Kilda junction which will be seen throughout the month of September.

In 2012 Dominic undertook a solo exhibition at Conical and coordinated a group show involving Australian and Fenno-Scandinavian artists at West Space as well as undertaking numerous screenings, performances, group shows at home and abroad. In 2011 Dominic was involved in a large public artwork in sites across Melbourne, Shanghai and Tokyo, a project that will continue in to 2012/13. In 2011 Dominic also had a solo exhibition in Sweden, travelled to La Rochelle to undertake a project at its natural history museum and took part in group shows, at home and abroad.

In 2010 his work was seen in the Perth International Arts Festival, in a solo show at Mildura Regional Arts Centre, and as a finalist in the ReelDance awards. He exhibits widely in Australia and around the world in exhibitions ands screenings programs and his work has been supported through funding for residencies and production by Arts Victoria, the Australia Council and Asialink, as well cultural bodies and universities in Finland, Sweden, France and Thailand. Dominic has a long standing relationship with WestSpace Gallery where he is the current chair and works as a senior lecturer and studio coordinator in Media Arts at RMIT’s School of Art.

Following are a couple of examples of Dominic’s work done as a part of the Spatial Dialogues project. You can find more of his work on, or on our ShanghaiTokyo and Melbourne pages. Dominic was also a part of the Drowned Worlds event.


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