Dr. Kristen Sharp


Dr Kristen Sharp is Coordinator of Art History & Theory in the School of Art, RMIT University. Since 2002, Sharp has been researching and publishing on contemporary art practices and their relationship to the cultural, political and economic dimensions of globalisation. Her contributions to the field of cultural and transnational studies is exemplified through her doctoral thesis Superflat Worlds: A topography of Takashi Murakami and the cultures of Superflat art (2007).

Sharp co-edited a publication on public art, Outer Site: the intercultural projects of RMIT Art in Public Space (McCulloch & McCulloch: Melbourne, 2010). Currently, she is co-editing Reimagining the City: art, globalization and urban space (Intellect Books, UK, forthcoming 2013). She has also published in ACCESS journal and has a forthcoming book chapter (2011) ‘Global Fissures: intercultural dialogues in contemporary art’ in Cultures and/of Globalization, Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Sharp has presented her research at key Global Studies, Asian Studies and Cultural Studies conferences in Australia and internationally as well as co-convening a number of innovative inter-disciplinary research symposiums on contemporary art and global urban space. Her recognition as a researcher is reinforced through a number of successfully awarded research grants: Australian Postgraduate Award (2003-2006) and an RMIT Global Cities Research Institute Travel Grant (2008) – to undertake field research on cross-cultural art exchanges between Australia and China.

For Spatial Dialogues, Sharp will research the collaborative and cross-cultural aspects of this international interdisciplinary project, and examine the processes of interaction and production between the artists, cultural theorists, research partners, and the public.

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