Associate Professor Philip Samartzis


Philip Samartzis is currently coordinator and lecturer in Sound within the School of Art, RMIT University, where in 2004 he completed doctoral research into surround sound in installation art. He has performed and exhibited widely including presentations at the Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh; The National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow; The Cartier Foundation, Paris and the Mori Arts Centre, Tokyo.

Samartzis uses field recordings of natural and constructed environments as his primary material to render densities of space and discrete zones of aural experience, which are arranged and mixed to reflect the acoustic and spatial complexities of everyday sound fields. He has organized five Immersion festivals focusing on the theory and practice of sound spatialisation, as well as Variable Resistance, a series of international sound art presentations for the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Podewil Art Centre, Berlin. Samartzis was recently awarded an Australian Antarctic Division Art Fellowship to document the effect of extreme climate on the human condition.

For Spatial Dialogues, Samartzis will compose a series of environmental works that provide immersive and tactile listening experiences to demonstrate the transformational qualities inherent in sounds familiar and strange.

As a part of this project, he has produced sound pieces in Melbourne and Shanghai. He was also part of the Drowned Worlds event, where he collaborated with Haco.

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